What Exactly Will ATD Dublin Cover?

It is the day before the public beta launch of ATD Dublin. So if you are one of the few people to stumble across us early then welcome! As I mentioned in last nights post we will start tomorrow morning posting written content at least 4 days per week. There will be three feature headlines per day and also there will be random news tidbits posted onto the Twitter page as well. Details of where to find the Twitter page will be posted tomorrow morning.

So what content will be covered? Well the three articles can be related to anything but topics such as general news, tech and sports will all be covered during the beta stage. Keep an eye out tomorrow morning for news on where to find us on Twitter (in fact you will be able to find us this afternoon too but the official announcement will be tomorrow).

Im going to enjoy one more day of peace and relax a bit before we hit the ground running hard in the morning. See you guys then!


The Launch Of ATD Dublin – What Will Happen And When.

A few days ago I put up a post unveiling the launch of a project I have been working on over the past few months, planning and starting to implement. What originally started out as a dark and shady idea has grown into a fully formed thought plan and in my last post I out lined what ATD Dublin is and what we intend to provide and do. If you missed it then go ahead and check it out at the link below.


This update is to outline what will happen and when it will happen over the next few months to the end of the year.

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ATD Dublin Is Launching In October This Year.

What is this and why should I care?

That is what I expect many people to think when they read this title. ATD Dublin is a project that I have been working on and will be working on during the summer months of this year getting ready to launch it full scale in October. You may have noticed that the name of the blog changed over the past few days from, “Mark’s Blog” to “ATD Dublin” and soon the URL will redirect to something of a similar nature.

Basically ATD Dublin at it’s simplest is a different way of telling news stories. I firmly think that the boring monotonous way in which news is told on TV or radio is dying a slow death, especially among young people. Now I would never call myself a comedian, at least not at the moment but comedy and making people laugh is something I have always been good at so what if the news can be told in a way that is funny, entertaining yet informative and that connects with a wide range of audiences especially young people.

That is what ATD Dublin intends to do.

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