What Exactly Will ATD Dublin Cover?

It is the day before the public beta launch of ATD Dublin. So if you are one of the few people to stumble across us early then welcome! As I mentioned in last nights post we will start tomorrow morning posting written content at least 4 days per week. There will be three feature headlines per day and also there will be random news tidbits posted onto the Twitter page as well. Details of where to find the Twitter page will be posted tomorrow morning.

So what content will be covered? Well the three articles can be related to anything but topics such as general news, tech and sports will all be covered during the beta stage. Keep an eye out tomorrow morning for news on where to find us on Twitter (in fact you will be able to find us this afternoon too but the official announcement will be tomorrow).

Im going to enjoy one more day of peace and relax a bit before we hit the ground running hard in the morning. See you guys then!


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