Lawnmower Racing Madness Hits West Sussex, UK.

WEST SUSSEX, UK – As thousands of petrol head enthusiasts headed to Silverstone for the F1 Grand Prix at the weekend there was another odd form of racing taking place in West Sussex. Participants of the British Lawnmower Racing Association (BLRA) met in the town of Billinghurst to experience testing conditions similar to that of the F1 racing drivers who were experiencing spontaneous explosions of tyres on random points of the Silverstone circuit.

One commentator at the British Grand Prix even mentioned that it could be an issue with the kerbs, as Torro Rosso‘s Vergne saw his tyre explode on the Hangar straight section of the circuit, no where near a single turn. However, sun seeking spectators for the lawnmower race basked in 27C sunshine in Sussex in what is described as one of the cheapest forms of motor racing in the UK.

A lawnmower racer in West Sussex, 30/06/13

There is no sponsorship, no prizes, no money on offer. It’s just racing in it’s simplest form possible. The association was founded by Irishman, Jim Gavin in 1973 who was heavily involved in rallying at the time and more than likely had a few pints before fully forming the idea for lawnmower motor racing as in typical bloke style he discussed the idea with friends in a pub at lunch time one day.

The site says that ;

“The main objectives were and still are, no sponsorship, no commercialism, no cash prizes and no modifying of engines. The idea being, it would keep costs down and resulted in lawnmower racing being described by Motor Sport News as “the cheapest form of motorsport in the U.K.” The BLMRA still sticks to its origins as a non-profit making organization, any profits are given to charities or good causes.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the sport then check it out at the link below.

– Mark Dalton

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