Woman glues lips shut with super glue.

A tube of Super glue

A tube of Super glue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NEW ZEALAND – A 64 year old woman made the terrifying mistake of using super glue instead of what she thought was medicated cream recently while rummaging through her medicine cabinet in the dark.

The Otago times reports that within minutes she was unable to move her lips or open her mouth. The patient who’s identity is being protected from the media at present was fumbling in the dark one evening looking for medicated cream to apply to a cold sore when her hand landed accidentally on a tube of super glue which happened to be in the same cupboard.

She was unable to smell the glue due to a recent cold that she had been suffering from but the next thing she knew was that she was in bed with her lips tightly sealed in quite the literal sense. This of course created all kinds of problems with the emergency operator who had to answer her call and all he could hear were grunts and groans.

Sergent Steve Aiken said that initially they thought the woman may have some kind of mental illness as all she could do was grunt down the phone. The glue was removed with the assistance of paraffin oil at a local hospital. American pie all over again anyone? She can just count herself lucky that it was her lips she was applying cream to.

– Mark Dalton

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