Starbucks, the new baby name maker?

CONNECTICUT – A young Connecticut couple have named their soon to be new born baby with the help of their local Starbucks. Jennifer James and Mark Dixon of West Haven had been struggling between the two names of Jackson and Logan for their new baby boy due in September so they put it to a vote in their local Starbucks.

They placed signs at the Starbucks on New Haven Green which they are regulars and asked customers to place ballots in a coffee cup between the two names. They received approximatly 1,800 votes and said that customers did not limit themselves to the two names either with suggestions of Lincoln, Obama and Jebidiah among some of the other names that were suggested.

The name Logan was favoured by customers however the couple still unable to settle on just one name have decided to call the baby, Logan Jackson Dixon. Some may say that it smacks of pure greed and to be honest it’s not far from the truth. Some people just want it all!

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