Posties running scared of seagulls in Cornwall.

CORNWALL – Oh those lazy pesky postmen and women are at it again! Remember the story we ran on Monday about the Royal Mail refusing to deliver to an elderly man due to an “aggressive” raspberry bush in his front garden? Well now Royal Mail are refusing to deliver to a cul-de-sac in Cornwall due to swooping attacks from flying seagulls.

Seagull Attack!

Seagull Attack! (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

The Royal Mail have declared the street as off limits after a postwoman was injured the other day whilst trying to deliver mail on her round to residents in Liskey Hill Crescent. Apparently the birds are angered by the bright uniform of the postal services and have decided to launch arial attacks to protect their nests.

Elderly resident Jackie Bray, who has lived on the crescent for 35 years, said the lack of service was unacceptable.

‘I’m waiting for a hip operation and now I have to go to the post office every day to collect my mail,’ explained the 67-year-old.

‘It’s a service that we pay for, a service we are not getting. We have to put up with the seagulls so why can’t they? They should man up, buy a hard helmet and deal with it.’

Another added: ‘In the past five years the seagulls have become more aggressive. ‘They are protecting their chicks and attack people in packs, swooping down, targeting people’s heads.’

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said the company was ‘continuing to monitor the situation’.

She added:

‘The safety of our people is paramount and these swooping attacks have made it difficult for her to continue to do her job. These kinds of attacks do occur at this time of year across the country, as gulls are nesting. We apologise to those customers affected and we will resume deliveries as soon as it is safe for us to do so.’

Soon they are sure to stop delivering for fear of getting paper cuts.

– Mark Dalton

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