[UPDATE] – The early progress & subtle changes.

Good morning! Day 3 of ATD Dublin and I just want to post a quick update so far on what has been happening and some subtle changes taking place today.

First off, thank you to everyone who is viewing the site and who are liking the posts, the early stats are exactly what we had hoped for and anticipated so it is good that we are meeting those early estimations.

At the moment three feature articles are being run per day, if you head over to the ATD Dublin Twitter feed you will get even more from all over the web.


Today there are some minor changes taking place, from this morning there will be adjustments made to tweets, any tweet that is made for an article on here will have “[FEATURE]” at the start of the tweet. This will make it easier to see when you are following the Twitter feed and you want to see our featured articles.

The regular hashtags we are using are #ATDDublin #news #weird #funny , so get out there and try to get them trending!

Also a banner has been added to the Twitter page too which is a sneak preview itself into the set that will be used for video content later this year at the moment. (This of course could change)

Thats all for now, thanks again for a good first few days, hit us up on twitter, like the posts and share with all your social networks!

– Mark.

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