Burglar caught cooking eggs in the nude.

fried egg with asparagus

fried egg with asparagus (Photo credit: shutterbean)

VANCOUVER – You may have seen that we ran a story earlier today about cooking eggs in Death Valley. Well when we saw yet another strange egg story we couldn’t help ourselves but to run a feature on that too.

Poached or fried? Was the big question on a burglars mind after he had broken into a house in Vancouver. Instead of doing the usual, grab the valuables, wreck the house, look for money and so on the burglar instead proceeded to make something to eat.

But that is not all there is to the story, he cooked the food for himself after he had a nice hot shower and only then did he decide to rustle up a snack, in the nude. Now, I have never broken into a home in my life and nor do I intend to do so, however, I can imagine that should I be in his shoes the last thing I would be thinking of is what way to cook my egg.

His relaxing day was interrupted when a shocked owner returned home to find him cooking dinner in the kitchen with no clothes on.

‘The resident of the home comes into the kitchen and there is this guy naked and cooking dinner,’ said Constable Brian Montague.

‘This story highlights how many break-ins happen because people leave their doors or windows open,’ he added. ‘It is a huge problem.

‘The heat, that is why people leave their doors and windows open, and thieves know that.’

The burglar was found shortly afterwards trying to lay low, he was arrested and ordered to put some clothes back on straight away.

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