Death valley eggs – Please try to use a pan!

NEVADA – What do you do when you are in a place on Earth where the temperature boarders on uninhabitable? Make breakfast it seems, at least that’s what tourists to the infamous Death Valley Park have been trying to do, but please, try to use a pan when doing so!

America‘s southwest area, in particular Nevada and California have been smothered in triple digit temperatures all week flirting with a record high of 57.6 celsius. Death Valley Park which lies around the Nevada and California area has been turned into one big gigantic frying pan it would seem with a mass of runny eggs, broken shells and empty cartons left behind by visitors desperate to fry eggs in the sun and post the video to YouTube like the thousands of other Death Valley egg videos out there.

Park officials have taken to their Facebook page to urge tourists to use a pan to fry their egg in, should the temptation to do it in the first place become too much for them to keep a lid on, writing ;

“the Death Valley NP maintenance crew has been busy cleaning up eggs cracked directly on the sidewalk, including egg cartons and shells strewn across the parking lot.”

However, park officials could not resist the temptation themselves and a member of staff went about cooking breakfast out in the blistering sun herself. She left a covered skillet in the hot sun for around two hours, before dropping an egg in it. Fast forward a few minutes and there you have it, a lovely egg ready for eating.

“This proves that you can fry an egg in the desert sun,” the park employee says. “It just has to be covered. you have to prevent the evaporation, which cools off the egg.”

Not quite the same effect of course in most other places of the world sadly.

– Mark Dalton

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