Make me look like my MP, customer tells hairdresser.

Sir Bob, the “mole”

ESSEX – A hairdresser in the UK had a most unusual request the other day when an elderly customer arrived with a picture of his local MP, Sir Bob Russell and asked him to chop his hair in the exact same style as Sir Bob. 

The hairdresser, Aaron Lee, was unsure if the customer was joking or being serious initially and said, 

 “What was so funny was that this chap did not laugh once.

“I don’t think he smiled during the haircut – he was very serious but when he left he looked like Sir Bob.”

Russell’s appearance was once likened to that of a mole and he is far from being a style icon for others to follow. The MP has previously been described as being something that has fallen straight out of the 1960’s. 

The customer told Aaron he liked the way Sir Bob “brushed his hair forwards”.

News of the ‘Bob, bob’ got back to the Liberal Democrat MP who branded the request “hilarious”.

He said: “I never thought at the age of 67 I would become a fashion icon. “I would love to know who this chap was – some people say my hair is very distinguished, it has gone from fair to silver fox.”

Aaron said it was the most unusual request he has ever received in his time working as a hairdresser.

– Mark Dalton

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