Domestic violence case turns out to be a bad case of gas.


Fart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MICHIGAN – A recent suspect in a domestic violence incident turned out to be a man just letting her rip much to the anger of his girlfriend. A neighbour had heard a female yelling, “STOP! NO!” and promptly called 911 thinking that a domestic assault was taking place only for police to turn up and find out it was the womans boyfriend farting.

The caller also informed dispatchers she had heard a loud noise in between the shouting.

When police arrived she admitted she was shouting but explained that it was because, “her boyfriend had continued to pass gas, and she was yelling at him to stop.”

However there have been incidents in the past where farting has led to actual cases of violence. In May, a woman in Florida allegedly stabbed her boyfriend after he farted in her face. In December a woman in South Carolina allegedly sprayed lysol in her boyfriends face because the “smell of his farts made her feel like puking.”

So remember folks, farts are not always funny.

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