Peeping Tom arrested after he was found hiding in a septic tank.

OKLAHOMA – Kenneth Enlow gave a woman and her daughter the fright of their lives as they went to try and use the toilet in a public park.

As the entered the rest room they noticed a man looking up at them from inside the toilet covered in human faeces. It brings a whole new meaning to the term, “scat fetish” (don’t Google that one if you don’t know what it is).

Terrified, the mother dialled 911 to report the peeping tom who had somehow managed to crawl into the septic tank despite the fact that he is 16st in weight. When police arrived on the scene, Enlow stated his girlfriend had knocked him unconscious and then shoved him into the septic tank. Because it must be so easy for a woman to manage to shove a 16st man into a septic tank of course.

Once he had been hosed down on scene by the fire brigade he was then taken to hospital to see if there were any injuries in line with his story, none where found so he was arrested.

It seems the apparent septic stalker has quite a reputation in Oklahoma. Previous arrests Enlow has faced include embezzlement, driving while suspended and being drunk in public.

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