Gardener not impressed with penis shaped strawberry.

KENT – Gardening, it is intended to be a relaxing and pleasant experience. That is until you find a penis shaped strawberry growing in your vegetable patch and that is exactly what happened to Carole Collen.

The 52 year old was pleasantly surprised when she noticed what appeared to be a penis shaped strawberry growing among her vegetables. The strawberry, which has been a great source of amusement to the rest of the family, is now being stored in the fridge and will later be sold at a charity auction.

Locals have praised her generosity, as other gardeners have tried to reap the fruit from their oddly-shaped produce by charging people to see it. Two years ago, a gardener in Brazil was selling footage of genitalia-shaped passion fruit for £8 a pop.

Ms Collen thought it was odd that the fruit had naturally developed that way however she did say that she had one big issue with the strawberry itself.

‘I did think it was a bit small,’ she admits. ‘It would have been nice if it grew a bit bigger.’

– Mark

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