Jesus Christ makes an appearance on this morning in the UK

jesus.JPGLONDON – Alan John Miller caused quite the stir on Twitter when he appeared on ‘This Morning‘ in the UK and made quite an audacious claim that he is in fact the one and only Jesus Christ.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford were interviewing him on the TV programme when he calmly told the pair he was the son of God and his partner Mary Luck had been present when he was crucified, and she was in fact her biblical namesake Magdalene.

Unsurprisingly the news was met with some suspicion on social networks, with Twitter users not buying Miller’s claims.

Journalist Sali Hughes wrote simply: ‘Jesus Christ is currently on the This Morning sofa with @EamonnHolmes.’

Sarah Louise Evans was more harsh with her assessment, ‏posting: ‘Get this fruit loop off my tv. ‘I am Jesus’ no you’re not, you’re just a geezer with long hair and a beard.’

Paul Carter was more concerned with Miller’s inability to perform miracles live on television.

He said: ‘There’s a couple on This Morning who think they’re Jesus and Mary. Eamonn Holmes just asked ‘Jesus’ to turn his water into wine. He said no.’

This isn’t the first time Miller, who heads up a religious movement called the Divine Truth, has been in the news.

Earlier this year it emerged a British woman had given up her career as a neuroscientist so she could move to Australia and join his group.

So there you have it, the return of Jesus Christ exclusively on this morning…

– Mark

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