Lube spillage leads to evacuation of post office.


ALABAMA – A postal office in Guntersville, Alabama was evacuated on Tuesday following a spillage of lube. The gel leaked from a package and began to spread across the post office floor at approximately 9am that morning. Workers who were unsure of what the slippery substance may have been at the time decided to call for an evacuation of the premises.

Hazmat teams were called in to investigate the situation which was unfolding and according to sources close to the scene, two employees felt sick after they came into contact with the gel and were sent to the hospital. Their conditions are now described as being stable. 12-15 other packages in total were contaminated due to the spillage.

According to AP sources, the package was addressed to someone who works in the adult entertainment industry although the recipients name has not been released at the current time.

USPS postal inspector Tony Robinson told he has no idea why the employees felt sick, since they substance was proven to be non-toxic. However, reviews for the product state that the gel “burned to a painful degree” and “caused a rash.”

Officials say the post office will contact the sender of the gel and instruct him or her on how to properly stuff it in to prevent future package mishaps.

– Mark

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