Pirate websites being targeted in new campaign

_68758141_007185233-1Websites which profit from piracy are now being targeted in a new campaign which looks to cut off or reduce their primary source of revenue, advertising.

The new initiative could lead to ads being withdrawn from websites that allow the illegal download of music, movies, TV shows, games and more.

Many sites involved in pirated material are only able to survive because advertising allows them to pay for their bandwidth that they need to stay online each month. Tech companies such as Google and Microsoft have signed up and say they are on board with the initiative.

The new scheme gives another avenue as companies can now target adverts that run on webpages found to be offering counterfeit goods or pirated media. Under the scheme, they will be able to inform an ad network that their adverts are appearing on a pirate site. It will then be up to the ad network to investigate and pull the ads if they agree the site is engaged in copyright theft.

However it is worth noting that sites which are accused of piracy are able to take the appropriate legal measures if they feel that the accusation is wrong and can file evidence for their defence as necessary.

The initiative is being brokered by a branch of the US government.

“Ultimately, we want to create and maintain a healthy online space, promote innovation, and protect intellectual property,” said Linda Covington, Yahoo’s IP policy head, in a statement.

However, even more interestingly, The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) was critical of the scheme and said it that it would not make much difference.

Chris Dodd, head of the MPAA, said it was an “incremental step forward that addresses only a narrow subset of the problem and places a disproportionate amount of the burden on rights holders.”

Also on many of the bigger piracy sites none of the companies who have joined up to the scheme are used as adverts on there anyway. Either way if you have been thinking of grabbing something on torrent then you may want to get it now just in case…not that we condone any of this disgusting behaviour of course.

-Mark Dalton

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