Struck by lightening in the grocery store.

052777-001HOUMA – Plenty of things come as a shock to us, the price of groceries, the length of the line at the checkout and much more. However, for Lakeisha Brooks there was something else that was shocking as she waited in line to pay for her groceries at a local store.

Brooks, 33, was standing in line when she was hit by lightening. A white flash of lightening hit her which was followed by a loud crash, she described her experience to the Houma Times.

“But I didn’t realize it was over me. It dimmed my eyes to where they were burning”

She tried to push her daughter away to safety when the force struck again and blew her shoe off of her foot.

“I had all of this black smut on the bottom,” she said adding that the lightning blast felt like hot oil running down her thigh “like when you’re cooking.”

Erm, what kind of mess does she make when she is cooking then?

Brooks sustained burn marks on her left leg and her right foot, she was taken to a local medical centre where she was treated and then later released. Her condition is described to be as, “improving.”

Meanwhile, the supermarket now has a foot-wide blackened tile where Brooks was standing, but the store remained open after the strike.

According to investigators the lightening travelled through the roof, down the sprinkler system and directly onto where Brooks was standing. Now that’s a sequence of unfortunate events.

– Mark

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