Behold the most terrifying swing ride in the world!

COLORADO – In search of the ultimate adrenaline fuelled ride? Well look no further, this is the ultimate thrill seekers ride and it will take some beating too. Behold the most terrifying swing in the world!


It dangles precariously 400m (1,300ft) above the Colorado river and it swings people through the air at speeds of 50mph.

So surely there is some kind of safety features that accompany such a dangerous ride? Well, don’t look to the owner, Steve Beckley, he has only tried out the swing for himself once and if you want a go then he is going to force you to sign a disclaimer which states that engaging in the activity may possibly result in accident, injury or death to which he is not responsible for.

Not really all that reassuring Steve.

Oh and by the way, it is only a short trip from the Grand Canyon itself…not that you will be thinking of that as you are flung through the air at 50mph over the Colorado river.

Mr Beckley, 41, decided that a previous version of the ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Colorado, was not ‘extreme’ enough. ‘It’s pneumatic-ally powered and much faster, so it’s definitely a bigger adrenaline rush,’ he explained.

‘People usually scream when they’re riding it, so first-timers hear that as they’re walking up to the ride.

‘Then when they see the drop-off down into the canyon, they’re either thrilled or terrified, and sometimes both.

‘It’s a lot of fun just to watch people ride, see their faces and hear them scream and laugh.’

As one thrill seeker put it, ‘Seven words to describe this swing: The. Scariest. Ride. I. Have. Ever. Done.’

What do you guys think about this? Would you be thrill seeking enough to give it a go? Would it scare you thinking of it? Would you just be down right excited? Or would you prefer just to visit the Grand Canyon instead? Let us know in the comments below.

– Mark


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