Woman tries to stab neighbour after claiming she had sex with cat

s-KRISTINA-MICHELLE-BROWN-largeOKLAHOMA – Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, is accused of threatening her neighbour with a knife before claiming that she had sexual intercourse with her cat.

She allegedly brandished a knife at her neighbour, Elmer Morrison, 72 years old, on Monday and asked if he wanted to die according to a police report which was obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Morrison called 911 and when the cops arrived a responding officer asked Brown why she was threatening her neighbour with a knife to which she replied, “Because of what he did to me… I had sex with my cat and everyone knows.”

She allegedly added that Morrison did not know she had sex with the cat, she was just mad at him and, “wanted him to die.”

Brown was arrested on scene and charged with assault along with battery with a deadly weapon.

It is unclear at present if Brown actually did engage in sexual intercourse with the cat however it would not be the first time that such an incident had been attempted. In 2011, an Iowa man was charged with animal abuse when he tried and failed to have sex with a feline and subsequently threw it out the window causing it to die from the injuries it sustained.

Bestiality can be enough to spark violence however, recently a man was involved in a bar brawl when he claimed it was his right to have sex with a goat.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think Brown engaged or attempted to engage in intercourse with the cat? Or is she just gone a bit nutty? Let us know in the comments below.

– Mark



  1. Hahaha,i think that woman is really goin crazy en she needs to be examined as soon as possible¥:D

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