Thief mistakes human ashes for cocaine

s-COCAINE-largeTENNESSEE – Cocaine is apparently one hell of a drug, so if that is the case then human remains is one hell of a mistake. William “Billy” Cantrell, 28, was arrested during the week for allegedly stealing ashes from his neighbour. Family members believe that he thought he was stealing a pot of cocaine.

“William thought it was drugs, he thought he’d done found him a box of cocaine is what he thought,” Cantrell’s grandmother, Wanda Allen, told News Channel 5 in America.

So according to family members then, the fact that he was trying to steal what he believed to be cocaine seems to be so much better in their eyes. Wow, how very odd. Cantrell was held in the police station on an aggravated burglary charge.

According to the police report Cantrell stole an Xbox as well as stealing a small box which was his neighbour’s, Steven Medley’s, mothers ashes. William then fled to his grandmothers home in Nashville, his grandmother believes that he was not sober when the incident took place.

“They just made it sounds like he’s a bad, terrible person broke in this house and stole this woman’s ashes. I’m not saying he’s not guilty but he didn’t know what he was stealing,” his mother Kathy told News Channel 5.

On a more positive note it appears that William had not attempted to snort the ashes before he was caught with them.

“On the top of it, it had a white piece of paper taped over it with date of birth, date of death, name and the funeral home,” his grandmother said.

However not all such stories have a happy ending, in 2010 three men in Florida stole human and dog remains, also thinking that they were cocaine however they tasted and snorted the contents. After pleading guilty to the theft, one of the convicted men apologized to the court.

What do you guys think of this? How would you feel is the ashes of a loved one was stolen because someone wanted their fix so bad? Even worse, what would you think if someone had snorted the remains? Let us know in the comments below.

– Mark


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