So, you thought the tube was bad

CHINA – Next time you are cramming your way onto the tube or whatever local transport system you frequent just take a moment to think of the transport system in China before you start complaining.

The following footage above of commuters battling their way onto a train was filmed at Xierqi subway station, on Beijing’s Line 13.

It shows people waiting in huge queues for the train to arrive and once it does, all hell breaks loose.

Passengers rush to get through the doors with little regard for those that are trying to exit.

And the station workers in yellow shirts seem to struggle to maintain order.

At one point a man trying to get off is pushed back onto the train and has to fight to get back off.

What is even more worrying is this subway station is reportedly one of the better ones in the capital.

Chinese website Beijing Cream writes: ‘It has, like other stations in Beijing’s vast underground transportation network, built-in artificial bottlenecks intended to relieve congestion in the form of gates and narrow staircases.’

The website says the problem isn’t the way the stations are built but ‘sometimes there simply too many people’ trying to use them.

What do you guys think? Will you think twice about complaining when you use your own public transport next time? Would you be able to hack it on public transport in China? Let us know in the comments below.

– Mark

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