Is there a ghost chucking tea bags around a shop in Kent?

KENT – Below is a clip of CCTV footage from a shop in Kent, UK where a possible ghost seems to be playing with teabags as they are seen floating through the air before being thrown to the floor.

The grey haired male customer seems to be oblivious to anything out of the ordinary happening and simply picks up and replaces the tea bags to the shelf, clearly thinking nothing more of the incident.

Shopkeeper Michelle Newbold said the footage, uploaded onto YouTube last week, was ‘a complete mystery’.

‘I was perplexed I suppose,’ she told Kent Online.

‘I just couldn’t believe it. I have no idea about how it has happened.

‘I have never seen anything like it since I’ve been running the shop. The customer never said anything and I don’t even know who it was.’


I review the CCTV about once a week and that’s when I came across it,’ she explained.

‘We check sometimes if we think something is suspicious or if a dodgy character is in the shop.

‘I’d be interested to find out more if anyone knows anything because I have no clue. I have never seen anything like this since I have been in the shop.

‘I don’t believe in ghosts and this hasn’t changed anything.’

The clip has racked up almost 10,000 hits in just a matter of days.

What do you guys think of this? Are you convinced by the clip? Or is it just someone playing a prank? Let us know in the comments below.



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