Even thiefs can’t resist a good selfie

ay_115023280-e1374846546136Two suspected teenage thiefs may have incriminated themselves after they snapped a selfie of themselves wearing balaclavas and holding a knife.

Swedish police probably couldn’t believe their luck when they found the snaps of the girls on their phones, which were apparently taken just before the crime occurred.

One of the suspects can be seen holding a large kitchen knife, which is similar to the one described as being used in the robbery at the hamburger restaurant in Halmstad.

Around £240 was taken during the raid after the restaurant chef was threatened with the weapon, the Local reported.

Police arrested the two cousins after tracing them back to their grandparent’s residence using sniffer dogs.

While carrying out a search authorities found a bag that contained a knife and balaclavas.

They later retrieved the phone containing the incriminating photos.

It later emerged one of the suspects was too young to be charged but the other 17-year-old girl will face trial.

What do you guys think about this? Can you believe they would be silly enough to snap a selfie just before committing a crime? Let us know in the comments below.


source – metro.co.uk


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