Is this the new internet craze to grip the world?

slide_310042_2745620_freePlanking, Tebowing, Owling…All of these at one point have been internet memes that have been adopted and gone viral in society. Or who can forget the Harlem Shake sensation that went around earlier this year? Well now there is another geeky trend emerging from the internet known as ‘unicorning.’

Basically it involves people wearing rubber unicorn masks in public places for photographs. The more weird that the setting looks the better. The meme started appearing in public late last year when director Laura DeMerchant bought unicorn masks for her friends and asked them to wear the masks for photos. “I put it on when a pizza delivery guy was at the door and his expression was priceless,” she explained. “It’s such a goofy creepy thing. Especially if you wear one to Costco to get free samples.”

She has since then amassed hundreds of photos at her website, and the meme is now coming into a more public domain setting as to what it had been before.

In fact, not so long ago her friend, porn star Andy San Dimas was thrown out of a baseball game recently when she blocked an aisle while dancing with a rubber unicorn mask on.

Although she was embarrassed about the incident, especially after a member of the Pittsburgh Police Dept. got in trouble for posing in a picture wearing the mask, San Dimas is fond of “unicorning” as a past time.

“I think it’s the new ‘planking,'” she told The Huffington Post. “And I think it’s safer. I heard someone died while planking. Unicorning is not as dangerous — just to a police officer’s career.”

DeMerchant said the photos of San Dimas and the cop wearing the mask have helped “unicorning” catch on.

“My Unicorn Army Instagram page got 30 followers in one hour,” she said.

She is confident that as people see the photos, they will become unofficial soldiers in her “Unicorn Army,” but warns potential members not to take it too far.

“We had people wear the masks in a swimming pool once and they freaked out after the masks filled up with water,” she said.

What do you guys think about this? Are you going to try unicorning? Or do you think this is just another stupid internet sensation that will fizzle out after a while? Let us know in the comments below.



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