Giant KFC bucket randomly appears in womans front garden

GEORGIA – A family were left stunned in Georgia when a giant KFC bucket appeared in the front garden out of nowhere. The 7ft KFC bucket appeared to just come from the sky, I mean where else would it appear from?

Aleena Headrick called her sons to verify what she was actually seeing before her eyes. Imagine the disappointment however when they looked inside and found that the bucket was empty. Bargain bucket indeed!

‘You just don’t expect to see that when you leave your house,’ she told

‘There’s not a road where it’s at and we have dogs that would have barked, you know, if anybody was nearby.’

Ms Headrick added: ’It was surprising that it’s all of a sudden sitting in the corner of my front yard.’

KFC, clearly sensing a golden PR chance told Aleena that they would send her some fried chicken to send with the next giant bucket that arrived in the garden.

‘We have been in touch with her and we’re working on a date when we can deliver Kentucky Fried Chicken and all the fixings for her and her family,’ said a spokesman.

The bucket is believed to have been left there by their landlord who is a sign collecting fan and it has now become somewhat of a tourist attraction with people coming from afar to have a look for themselves.

‘Some people have come to take pictures with it,’ added Ms Headrick. ‘We’ve got people going across our yard all morning long to go take pictures.’

What do you guys think? What would you do if you woke up and found a giant KFC bucket in your front garden? Let us know in the comment section below.




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