Shark found at pub door

Nantucket Land SharkNANTUCKET – A cleaning crew team had their work cut out for them in Nantucket when they arrived at ‘Sea Dog Brew Pub’ and found a shark blocking the entrance to the pub.

The shark was 5ft long and was laid out on the ground right in front of the door. Jimmy Agnew who is the pubs manager says that he has no idea why someone would leave the shark there.

The public works department removed the shark after its discovery at about 7am on Thursday. However pub manager Agnew said that he had to field questions all day long about the shark even hours after it had been removed.

A comedian, whose band performs at the pub has also posted a series of jokes about it on Facebook, one of them suggesting that the shark went to Sea Dog to “meet his chums.”

What do you guys think about this? Why do you think some one would leave a shark in front of the pub door? Let us know in the comment section below.



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