Subway restroom baby


NEVADA –  A 21 year old woman has given birth to her new born baby in a subway restroom in Nevada. Oh and we mean Subway as in the delicious place where you can buy sandwiches (minus the placenta) and not the dirty subway where you ride on a train.

Flora Vargas, the assistant manager of the Subway in question said that the woman ran into the restaurant in Minden on Friday. She shouted that she was in labour before running to the rest room.

Vargas states that the woman gave birth just several minutes after running into the rest room and after the baby was born managers wrapped it in sandwich wrappers and trash bags for sanitation purposes, not because they were slightly peckish or anything.

Fortunately paramedics arrived soon after the birth and both mother and baby were taken by ambulance to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

What do you guys think about this? Fancy a Subway? Let us know in the comments section down below.



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