Suspect wanted for armed robbery evades police at airport


MANCHESTER, UK – A 33 year old male, Anthony Morrison was due to hand himself over to police when he flew into the UK but managed to evade them by jumping onto a baggage carousel which took him deep into the airport and eventually allowed him to escape. 

He was wanted for a £20,000 armed robbery but after he landed at Manchester Airport he managed to make a successful last ditch attempt at freedom by jumping onto the baggage carousel and going further into the airport. 

Officers were due to meet him at Terminal 1 in Manchester airport in July of last year, however prosecutor Philip Parry suggests that the man just had a last minute change of mind.

“He got onto a baggage carousel which took him into the bowels of Manchester airport and evaded the police.

“He emerged on the carousel into Terminal Three while they were waiting in Terminal One.”

Morrison was on the run for several weeks before police finally managed to track him down outside of a Manchester hospital with a gunshot wound, not exactly managed to turn over a new leaf then I suspect.

Police suspect him to be one of three men who robbed security guards in Oldham in 2011, two others have already been jailed for the offence meaning that this arrest and prosecution would be the clean sweep.

Victims identified him as one of the men being involved despite the fact that the trio were wearing balaclavas. He was however found not guilty at Manchester court but he is in custody for separate offences.

What do you guys think about this? Were you impressed with his last gasp attempt at freedom? Let us know in the comments down below.



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