18 Cops raid home mistaking TV remote for a gun


WEST MERCIA, UK – Eighteen police officers raided a home in the UK only to discover that the man who they suspected of being armed with a deadly gun was actually holding a TV remote.

Keith Abrahams and Michelle Malone who is his partner are now suing the police force following the incident, according to The Independent.

The incident occurred in June when a paramedic was called to the address because Abrahams was having a panic attack, the paramedic mistakenly thought he saw Abrahams with a 10 inch gun and promptly contacted the police after leaving the property.

If Mr. Abrahams thought the previous panic attack was alarming enough not much could have prepared him for what was about to unfold afterwards.

The couple claim that a team of eighteen West Mercia police officers, 10 of them armed officers, stormed into the property after Abrahams had just ‘dozed off’ to sleep.

“The next thing I know, I’m being ordered out of bed at gunpoint,” the Metro quotes Abrahams as saying.

The couple state that the officers forced them out of the home and into a police van for questioning, they also searched the home from top to bottom. Abrahams states that officers drove Malone home but that he was forced to walk home in nothing but a vest and a pair of boxers.

According to the Daily Mail the couples complaint is currently being investigated.

What do you guys think on this? What would you do if armed police officers burst into your home while sleeping? Let us know in the comments below. 



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