Builders tear up the wrong drive way


ESSEX, UK – This is becoming quite a trend among builders, a few weeks ago we ran an article about a man in Texas who had his home incorrectly demolished after the crew went to the wrong house. Well while this is not on the same scale, builders in the UK have incorrectly torn up the wrong drive way after going to the wrong address.

Homeowner Julie Tworogal returned from work to find that her driveway had vanished and was replaced by rubble. The scene was so bad she initially thought that the home had been vandalised and called her husband.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Julie, 50. “I just wandered around in a daze, then spotted some men working on a driveway a few doors down the road.

“They said they’d been sent to 82, my house, instead of 110 – then got a text from their boss asking where they were because the real client had called him to say they were not there.

“They told him they were there and had just dug the drive up. Then they realised they’d been sent to the wrong number.”

Julie was at work for just five hours, but that was clearly more than enough time for the builders to go about the process of destroying the driveway at her home. The company responsible for the mishap is called, Bill and Ben’s Driveways.

Sean Cane who owns the company admitted to the blunder saying that he accidentally combined two addressees and therefore ended up sending the builders to the wrong home.

“The guys went to the wrong property after I got mixed up with another job and gave a different house number,” he said.

“Some people would have got angry but Julie was very nice about it.”

Julie said: “We ended up laughing. It was just a mistake and the firm has offered to replace my drive for free.

“We were going to do it anyway, so I’m paying more for an upgrade and will soon have a nice cobbled drive.”

What do you guys think about this? Its nice that the company is going to replace the drive for free but how would you initially react when you returned home? Let us know in the comments below.



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