Shark found on subway in NYC


NEW YORK – It’s shark week! Now while some of us in Europe may think, “what is shark week?” it does seem to be more of an American thing with our friends from across the water celebrating shark week to the full. But do some people get carried away in all the fun?

Well that is what people of NYC were asking themselves when a woman found a dead shark on a subway car while she was on her daily commute. The shark was found on board a subway car in Queens and after its discovery the conductor had the cab sealed off.

The train continued to the end of the line where a supervisor disposed of the shark by putting it in a garbage bag and then sticking it in the trash.

Pictures of the shark have appeared online however, it seems to be about 4 feet long and the internet wasted no time with photoshop and got to work on the picture.

The blog Gothamist depict the shark on the subway with a cigarette in its mouth, a fare card and Red Bull can nearby. Transit officials say they were aware of the original photos being made public online but are making no effort to find the person who posted them. The transit authority says it has “better things to do.”

Of course it is not the first time something unusual has turned up in a subway car in NYC, New York is one of those cities where people are shocked if something unusual does not happen on a daily basis.

What do you guys think about the shark? What would you do if you found it on the subway in New York? Let us know in the comments down below.



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