Bizarre council requests

Seagull Numbers In Cardiff Soar

WESTMINSTER, UK – ‘Can I shoot and serve up the local seagulls?’ This was the unusual request made to Westminster council by one resident who was feeling slightly peckish.

However this is just one of many unusual calls received by the council, other calls include a call by a woman who wanted to tell trading standards she suspected the ‘designer’ handbag she bought for £10 from a market might be fake, a man asking where he could buy apples and a husband-to-be wanting to check what the ‘s’ stood for in Mrs.

One woman, who phoned the council last week, asked to have all porn removed from the internet. She was advised that the whole of the web was not under the jurisdiction of the council and thank God for that too!

Another call involved a request for the council to travel to Dubai to collect a man’s mislaid wheelchair, while one female caller phoned to find out her own age.

One woman also rang in to ask for detailed directions to a foot clinic, the name and address of which she did not know.

The council said it was encouraging residents to look online for answers in an effort to cut the number of calls it receives every year.

Margaret Scott of Westminster Council’s call centre said: ‘Some things are just beyond belief. We are here to help, but sometimes there is no help to be given. We take about 1.4million calls per year and we do get some very interesting ones.’

What do you guys think? Are people just on the wind up or are they being serious with these types of calls? Let us know in the comments below.


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