s-FEMALE-POLICE-OFFICER-largeDETROIT – An assistant police commander in Detroit was recently busted for a mistake which caused humiliation to his fellow female police officers. The department was ordering new bullet proof vests for the department for its officers to use on the line of duty.

While both men’s and women’s vests act as protective shields, the female vests are made to accommodate for their natural curves. For that reason, officers in the DPD had to submit their cup size along with height and weight so the vest can be made to tailor fit.

When the vests were ready Commander Dwayne Love forwarded an email which happened to have an excel sheet attached to it that he was unaware of. The excel sheet happened to contain intimate details of the DPD female officers, including their bra sizes.

The email was forwarded to commenders who then sent it on to DPD supervisors who then sent it on to every member of staff. Female members of the police force are not laughing, according to news sources in Detroit some officers have suffered ridicule and harassment from their male counterparts.

Assistant Police Chief James White told WJBK-TV that it was an innocent mistake, and called Love a “conscientious, very hard-working” officer. But he did acknowledge they were looking into the situation, which he called “embarrassing,” and promised corrective action.

What do you guys think about this? Surely just a simple mistake gone wrong? Let us know in the comments below.




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