Thieving cooks?

VIA METRO.CO.UK – Thieves normally steal valuables and cash during robberies so it came as something of a surprise when one set of criminals decided to cook themselves a three-course meal after breaking into a restaurant.

The crooks were so satisfied with the food they had eaten at the New Delhi Tandoori Restaurant in Sunshine, Australia, they even decided to grab a few menus on the way out.

‘They definitely made themselves very comfortable,’ said Susanna Badyal, who is a member of the family that owns the eatery.

As well as cooking the food consisting of prawns and vegetables, the assailants also helped themselves to a few beers, with Ms Badyal confirming no damage had been done to the diner.

‘All the Coronas are finished,’ she added.

Luckily for the owners of the New Delhi Tandoori, no money was in the restaurant during the raid but they may think about keeping their food under lock and key from now on.

The local police have taken evidence from the scene and are investigating the incident.

What do you guys think? Can you believe that people who break into such a place would start cooking? Let us know in the comments.


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