Internet bullying and why it needs to stop


SLANE, IRELAND – Did you hear that Eminem played at Slane Castle in Ireland over the weekend? No doubt it was a good gig however that was not the story making the headlines at the end of it all. A young girl was snapped in several pictures of a lewd and sexual nature which then went viral on Twitter and were soon trending in Ireland.

Now I am not going to tell you how to access the images, or put a link to them. In fact I would actively discourage anyone trying to find them as there is a question mark over the age of the girl in question and police have launched an investigation into the matter however needless to say the young girl is now in hospital this morning according to reports on social media after the devastation the images caused. The reason why she is so devastated? Well because the baying mob descended and the ugly side of the internet was revealed.

Sadly this is a similar story which is becoming all too regular on the internet these days, cyber bullying is a real thing, it does exist and it ruins lives. Just look at the case of Amanda Todd in the United States, a story which needs no explanation but ended up with a girl paying the ultimate price and taking her own life.

Trolls, who are essentially the internet bullies, people who provoke to get a furious reaction from others for their own amusement will tell you otherwise. An article ran in an Irish newspaper days ago, before any of this took place in Ireland and it spoke about trolls and internet bullies with some insight from anonymous trolls themselves. They are in real life, people who are afraid, people who sit in their room hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard and if you met them in real life they wouldn’t have the courage to say half of what they say online.

The reality is that these people live online for a reaction so when they get one all you are doing is ‘feeding the troll’ which benefits nobody. Its not right and it’s not pleasant but the fact of the matter is that if you are a content creator online of any sort you need to have a thick skin. What is worse than that is when things go online for the world to see that is of no volition of your own, and that is exactly what this girl is victim of.

Hundreds of retweets circulated Twitter over the course of yesterday with several images of the same girl in various different compromising poses, if you see the pictures it is best to just ignore them, keep in mind that a large investigation has been launched by Gardai in Ireland as there is suspicions that she could be a minor.

However, as much as they would like to investigate and assign blame a large part of me feels that it is nobodies fault as such, it is a combination of stupid things at the one time, a stupid girl, a stupid boy and a really stupid person who took the picture and sent it all over the internet. Bullying is not nice, it is never pleasant, it happens to so many of us and it can ruin lives. Stop and think before you tweet or re-tweet something, you never know when you might end up being the victim.

What do you guys think? Do you think cyber bullying is starting to spiral out of control? Let us know in the comments below.




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