Walmart evacuated after mystery spray attack

TEXAS – Two men sprayed a mystery substance in a Walmart in Texas on Sunday leading the store to be evacuated and shoppers claiming that they felt sick. More than 100 customers and dozens of employees were evacuated at the time of the incident happening.

Four people were taken to hospital while others suffered from breathing problems and a burning sensation to the eyes and the throat. Walmart patron Ken Baptista told KHOU that he “saw people choking” and “heard somebody was mixing chemicals in there and throwing it in the area.”

Customer Oluwatoyin Iseyemi told KTRK that some people “were even throwing up.”

The two men have still not been identified yet however they are believed to be between the age of 18-25. At present it is unclear what the spray is or how harmful the spray may be.

Mystery spray isn’t the only surprise danger to plague Walmart shoppers in the recent past. In February, a man was caught on tape throwing semen on women at a New Mexico Walmart on at least two separate occasions.

In March, a Maine family brought home a cake from Walmart only to discover there was a knife embedded in the layers of sugar and frosting.

Crazy stuff is known to take place at Walmart but never usually anything this nuts.

What do you guys think? Any idea on what the spray may have been? Let us know in the comments below.



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