Pub to beat the smoking ban

One woman has found a way round the smoking ban in pubs – by building one of her own in her garden.

Jane Garner, 48, quickly became fed up of venturing outside for a cigarette break when she was having a drink.

So, with the help of her late husband Alan, she came up with a novel up a way of getting round the problem by creating one of her own.

The project began six years ago as a rebellion against the smoking ban and was the couple’s labour of love until Alan passed away two years ago at the age of 53.


But Jane has vowed to carry on pulling pints in his memory.

Friends who visit the Gardners Arms in Greasbrough, Rotherham, can have a quiet pint or play the one-armed bandit or try a game of darts.

A stocked bar, beer pumps, optics, a pool table and a gaming machine have also been installed in the shed which can hold around 60 people.

The pub recently received a visit by international darts stars Jimmy Hendriks and Darryl Fitton.

Alan was diagnosed with heart disease on his 50th birthday but they were able to start fitting out the cabin and put in tables and pub furniture.

And when work was complete they were able to use the Gardners Arms on a regular basis and Alan, who played for a pub darts team, spent hours practising there.

Jane, who has a wedding and fancy dress business, said: ‘Alan would have been in his element playing with Jimmy and Darryl in the Gardners Arms.

‘It was amazing to see them there. Alan would have been blown away.

‘Alan spent a lot of time in there honing his darts skills. Looking back I’m glad we built it and Alan was able to enjoy it.’

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  1. Great initiative… Screw the smoking ban!

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