WATCH: Ducks escorted off road by police

No further explanation is necessary, check out the video below


WATCH: The Defranco proposal

I am a big Philip Defranco fan so when he proposed to his girlfriend Lindsay (now fiancé) at one of his live shows in Arizona at the weekend I couldn’t help but post it, check out the short video below.

At the end of my DeFranco Does Arizona show I planted a question to be asked bc I wanted to propose to Lindsay (My gf of 6 years). This is a quick video I cut really fast so I could share the new best moment of my life. A longer better video will be up at a later time but in the meantime…sex stuffs. Love yo faces Nation and I’ll see you Monday 😉


WATCH; Firework explodes under a bus

This video was captured in Manchester, UK.

Check it out below!

WATCH: Crazy pool dunk an online sensation

We don’t even need a description for this one, just sit back, enjoy, and be amazed.


WATCH: Greatest Sobriety test fail ever?

Some people who get pulled over for drunk driving try to give the officers a song and dance.

Dale Bentley just tried dancing.

Police in Gahanna, Ohio, pulled Bentley over on Sunday for speeding, but it’s his fancy footwork that is making him a viral sensation. Check it out below!

Best news bloopers 2012

We all love bloopers, who doesn’t? So here is a video from FunnyLocalNews on YouTube who has rounded up the best bloopers from 2012, check them out below!

Bear loves his fast food

COLORADO – A CCTV clip released by the Edelweiss eatery shows a bear locating leftovers in a bin outside and then wheeling it away to somewhere it could eat in peace.

The bear had apparently been chowing down on the Colorado Springs restaurant’s food for a while and the diner’s manager Dieter Schnakenberg thought it was because their grub was so tasty.

Check out the video below!

Water skiing squirrel returns

Twiggy the water skiing squirrel is back!

The squirrel manages to glide along by wearing special skis and holding a cable being pulled by a small remote-controlled speedboat. He has been a source of family entertainment for years at Michigans family fun zone. Check him out in the video below!