Below is a list of some possibly asked common questions and answers. As time passes I will update the page accordingly.

Q – What is ATD Dublin and why should I care?
A – Basically ATD Dublin is weird and wacky news that you don’t find in the mainstream media as such. I firmly think that the boring monotonous way in which news is told on TV or radio is dying a slow death, especially among young people. Now I would never call myself a comedian, at least not at the moment but comedy and making people laugh is something I have always been good at so what if the news can be told in a way that is funny, entertaining yet informative and that connects with a wide range of audiences especially young people. You should care because we can help you sound more intelligent to your friends…friends possibly being other people on the internets!

Q – Where was the name born from?
Well, last year my younger brother was tragically killed in an accident in Ireland, I was living in London at the time and decided to pack in my job and my life there and to head back home to Dublin. I picked up a part time temporary job at an airline company where I am still working away but I thought to myself, why can’t I start up something that would make myself happy for once and maybe earn a living from something I enjoy for the first time in my life? So what started as a simple formed idea has grown into something much bigger, and even if I can’t earn a living of it I can still do something I really enjoy and want to do. This leads me to the name, “ATD Dublin.” Put quite simply, Dublin is the city I live in and broadcast from, ATD is the initials of my brother which I am dedicating this hard work towards. As of August 2013 a decision was made to drop the ‘Dublin’ portion of the name and simply going with ATD News purely for marketing reasons.

Q – Why so long to get up and running?
I have tried setting up blogs and such before which I have stuck with but they have never been anything sensational. This is the first time where I am planning everything extremely carefully, everything is being thought out fully such as equipment, room I record in, recording style, editing style, backdrop, presentation of content, use of social media and more. Getting all of this right takes time and I am determined to try get it as right as I possibly can.

Q – So who is working on all of this then?
For now, this is all on me. The whole thing from writing an article to recording and editing a video and right up to uploading is all on me. If I could employ others down the line then that would be fantastic and that would be the long term goal but nothing is set in stone. What I am trying to do is pretty ambitious, it could work or it could flop.

Q – How is this all going to work then?
Well over the upcoming months I will be starting with written content only, a few articles a day on news content happening in the world. Nothing will be copied from another website, it will all be my own writing on here. Then in December/January of this year or early next year a YouTube channel will launch creating video content on the stories that I am running on here. I would love to say that I will create ‘X number of articles each day’ but of course due to working arrangements its not possible to commit to that 100% now but will be in the future.

Q – Will there be naughty, lewd, indecent talk on a variety of topics yet still be informative?
A – Yes.

Q – Are you employing?
A – In the long term I would love to be able to employ a team of people to work on this and if all goes well then yes there will be opportunities for employment but that is a long way away yet. So in the short term, no. But stayed tuned for information down the line!