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Have you written something great that is weird and wacky? Maybe something tech related that you think would look great on ?

Well now you can submit your articles to us, send us on your content to get featured on the home page with all credit going to you, if your article is good enough and meets the requirements then you could see it appear on

You can send your article to,

Please make sure that your article meets the following requirements!

1. It must be 100% your own writing, no copy and paste jobs from other sites and we will be checking before putting the article live.

2. No rambling, please do not repeat the same thing over and over again in the article to fill space. Short articles are not necessarily bad ones.

3. Write well. Mistakes happen, that is why we have an editing process but if you send something littered with mistakes then it won’t even be sent to editing.

4. Please include something to which we can accredit you with, so a facebook page, twitter handle or a youtube page…anything you like just something we can put at the start of the post that says it comes from you and that you would want people to click on

5. News articles (preferably weird ones) and tech only for now please, no junk.

So that is what we expect from you, what can you expect from us? This is our commitment to you.

1. Every article submitted WILL be read, this does not mean it will make the site however nothing will be over looked unless of course you are sending us junk.

2. The editing process is just used to correct errors and mistakes, nothing about your article in context will be changed or altered at all.

3. You will of course be credited at the start of the article.

4. Your article will be shared on Google+, Twitter and Facebook (when the Facebook page goes live)

5. If and when we look for contributors down the line to write articles consistently and you decide you want in then articles submitted in the past will be taken into consideration.

Sound good? We hope so, it certainly sounds good to us.

So again, if you are interested then hit us up at ;

– Mark