Welcome To ATD News


The 26th August was the date I had pencilled in for the launch of ATD News in terms of the written content of the site. Back in June what was once a blog I rarely used was completely trashed, stripped and rebuilt into the web pages you look at now delivering 3 new weird stories and 1 odd quirky video each day.

Ideas have evolved and finally I have settled on a starting point which I am more than happy with. So today, a week earlier than planned originally, I am removing the site from public beta status. But why? Simply put, there is no reason for public beta to continue, the whole idea behind it was being able to change and chop things around at will.

That phase is now over, nothing more needs to be changed for now so what happens that was different yesterday?

Well, nothing. Nothing changes that is noticeable anyway, it all remains the same apart from the fact that all the beta updates are gone and the public beta banner has now been removed. Now it just looks like a normal site delivering the weird and strange news of the world.

Behind the scenes promotion begins, promotion via social media, promotion through submitting to search engines and site indexing. That is the key change.

New people sign up every day, thanks to everyone who does sign up to follow us via email.

There will be more news on video content in due course so stay tuned for that, this post will be viewable for the next month before it is also removed.  Keep commenting, liking, sharing and subscribing. Thanks to everyone so far!

– Mark


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